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The Ancient Americas
The Field Museum, Chicago
Opened in March 2007

This permanent exhibition was developed over a four year period in collaboration with Field Museum curators, designers, content developers, and representatives of various Native American communities. Over 2,200 objects from North, Central, and South America are displayed, covering 19,000 square feet.

In this exhibition, I worked with museum curators to convey the wide range of societies and peoples that populated the Americas before the year 1492. Although the exhibition is largely archaeological in theme, "Native voice" is incorporated throughout, adding a layer of richness and continuity to the subject matter.

The Ancient Americas
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Intro to Ancient Americas
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Ice Age Americans gallery
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Walking with mammoths
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Puebloan farmers gallery
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Puebloan pottery display
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Voices of Our Peoples
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Ohio Hopewell displays
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Gold objects from Colombia
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Entrance to urban societies
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Zapotec society of Oaxaca
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Model of Maya temples
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Entrance to the Inca gallery
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When worlds collide
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Living Descendents gallery
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