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Mammoths & Mastodons:
Titans of the Ice Age

The Field Museum, Chicago
March 2010 -- September 2010

I developed content for this 7,500 sq. ft. traveling exhibit of 100 fossil specimens and works of Paleolithic art in collaboration with curators Daniel Fisher (University of Michigan) and James Phillips (The Field Museum).

The exhibition presents the evolution of proboscideans in all their diversity, including mammoths, mastodons, and elephants. A section on human interactions with these creatures contains some of the oldest known works of art from collections in the United States and Europe.

This exhibition is currently traveling to 10 venues in the United States and Great Britain over the next 4 years.

Entrance to the exhibition
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Early proboscideans
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Lyuba, the baby mammoth
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Columbian mammoth
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American mastodon
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Paleolithic art and tools
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African elephants
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