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Art of Green
Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods, Deerfield, Illinois
10 July 2011 — 31 August 2011

I curated this exhibition as part of Brushwood Center's Green Design series. The exhibition featured a range of regional artists and designers who create works in sustainable ways and raise awareness of environmental issues through art and design.

Jane Fulton Alt - Nick Bastis - Sharon and Ted Burdett - Meaghan Burritt - Greta de Parry - Carol Freeman - Aristotle Georgiades - Heather Mullins - Gail Simpson - Steven Teichelman / Threefold - Lori Walsh and Robert Weiglein - Frances Whitehead

Read the shout-out here in Time Out Chicago.

Gift outdoor installation
by Gail Simpson & Aris Georgiades
Brushwood, the venue for
Art of Green, Ryerson Woods
Jane Fulton Alt's series of photos
titled Burn
A photo from Jane Fulton Alt's
Burn series
Performance piece and installation
by Nick Bastis
Video still from performance piece
and installation by Nick Bastis
by Sharon and Ted Burdett
by Sharon and Ted Burdett
Ryerson Woods Wonder Box
by Meaghan Burritt
Ryerson Woods Wonder Box,
close-up, by Meaghan Burritt
Greta de Parry, Crescent
Table & Synthesis Bench
Milk Stool
by Greta de Parry
Carol Freeman, photographs from her
483 series
Excerpt from list of 483 endangered
and threatened species in Illinois
by Aris Georgiades
Old School
by Aris Georgiades
Rolling Brainstorm
by Heather Mullins
Gail Simpson, Fighter Birds
and Illuminated Woods
Steven Teichelman / Threefold
Square Head and Table
Lori Walsh's and Robert Weiglein's
designs for Restoring Earth
Frances Whitehead, video excerpt
from Slow Cleanup