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Genius Loci: Learning from Nature's Muse
Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods, Deerfield, Illinois
8 July 2012 — 31 August 2012

How can art and design be informed by the natural environment? I curated this group exhibition featuring 12 artists, designers, and architects whose work responds to the specifics of different Chicago ecosystems: grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, and lakeshore.

Meaghan Burritt - Jessica Calek - Doug DeWitt - Jennifer Hines - Johnsen Schmaling Architects- Anne Kauff- Rachel Kauff- Michael McGuire- Barry Phipps - Cynthia Winter - Jacob Wener

Historic Brushwood,
the venue for Genius Loci
Topo House by Johnsen
Schmalling (photo: Barry Phipps)
Topo House
(photo courtesy Johnsen Schmalling)
Meaghan Burritt, PI:DPS1
(photo: Barry Phipps)
Panoramic images by Michael
McGuire (photo: Barry Phipps)
Cynthia Winter, Fall
(photo courtesy the artist)
Barry Phipps, Cahokia
(photo courtesy the artist)
Doug DeWitt, Volo Bog
(photo courtesy the artist)
Jacob Wener, stools and
coffee table (photo: Barry Phipps)
Rachel Kauff, Field Books
(photos courtesy the artist)
Jennifer Hines, Abstractions
(photo: Barry Phipps)
Jessica Calek, Studio
(photo courtesy the designer)
Anne Kauff, Resevoir, Fall
(photo courtesy the artist)