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Avian Spirits
Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods
13 July 2014 — 31 August 2014

In 1861, Emily Dickinson wrote …
"Hope" is the thing with feathers / That perches in the soul.

For centuries, artists have been attracted to—and inspired by—the ephemeral qualities of birds. Soaring above the Earth, birds have long symbolized freedom and aspiration. This group exhibition looks beyond traditional wildlife art and presents birds as metaphors for the human spirit.

Featured artists and designers:
Annette Barbier - Joseph Belknap and Sarah Belknap - Cosmo Campoli - Helen Maurene Cooper - Molly Cranch - DOEprojekts - Julia Kemerer - Barbara Koenen - Marlene McCauley - Julie Meridian - Steph Roberts - Joel Sartore - Dan Streeting

A large-scale outdoor installation titled Home by DOEprojekts gives a "bird's eye" perspective of avian navigation, migration, and homing.

<i>Home</i> by DOEprojektsHome by DOEprojekts Photo courtesy Deborah Doering